From the beautiful Pier down in Port Maitland, to the Strawberry fields of Byng & Lowbanks…..Ward 5 is host to some of the most amazing parts of the County. A focus on Rural Business and Tourism needs to be a focus. These businesses help bring jobs to our community that are much needed. Support for events such as the Grand Tour need to be kept at the forefront. As a representative of Ward 5, I will work hard to promote and encourage Tourism in the area.

I also would support local projects such as more parking down at the park in Port Maitland to alleviate the trailer boats that line the county streets now that a boat ramp is in place.

Marianne is a local business owner who understands the challenges that many small business owners face. I plan to work with The Rural Business and Tourism Community Improvement Plan (RBTCIP) to ensure that the Dunnville and Ward 5 area is a main focus for the County.