We all need to work together through community organizations and government to ensure our amazing hospital stays that way and that everyone can have access to a family doctor close to home.

I see a healthy and vibrant future for our constituents. Unfortunately, I also see struggles for people who don’t have a family doctor…or if they do, it is far away from home. Our Dunnville emergency department currently sees patients that can’t get to their family doctors. We have one of the best ER’s around with short wait times and great staff; however, the ER also struggles to find doctor and nurse coverage which will only get worse with the new hospital doubling its capacity.

We have 17% of visits to our ER that come from the Hamilton and Niagara surrounding communities….this is going to increase along with our capacity.

I plan to work with the Health and Social Services advisory committee to ensure there is recruitment strategies in place for family doctors and emergency medicine throughout the county. Other municipalities have Doctor recruiters, such as the City of Port Colborne.

We have had professionals from the Hagersville hospital make presentations to council regarding this concern for the County. At this stage, no follow up or progress has been made since. There needs to be more incentives to help bring medical students and new doctors to our rural communities.