Programs for seniors in the area can be improved. From affordable housing to recreational activities, focusing on our aging community needs to be at the forefront.

There needs to be more single unit living accommodations for seniors. At the Grandview Longterm home in Dunnville, we have over 400 people on a waiting list. There is more work to do….we need to work with our community organizations to bring unique affordable housing ideas to the area.

Keeping seniors in their homes. Lets look at other communities and come up with more ideas to help keep seniors in their homes. An example is looking at neighbouring Wainfleet and how they are using EMS services to do home checks.

Wellness activities in Winter months needs to be a priority. We should not have to drive out of the community to the cities to get what we need. The activities that we have are currently only for a select few.

I would support a new indoor pool for the area that can benefit people year round including our seniors and children.  I will get a team together to get this process started.  In addition to an indoor pool, we can add more programs for year round use of the arena with activities such as Pickle ball.